Prince William gave `sapphire boom`

Prince William gave `sapphire boom`The real sapphire boom happened in the UK. And the reason was Prince William. A sharp jump in orders occurred in the jewelry business because of the news about the engagement of William and Kate.New York company Natural Sapphire Company, which produces daily from five to ten engagement rings, increased the volume of daily production of up to 30.Clients actively purchase copies of the ring of the future Princess Kate Middleton. Decoration should be with an oval blue sapphire weighing 18 carats, framed in a circle of diamonds. The product itself should be made of white gold. The original ornaments worth nearly half a million dollars."Call us, mainly women, to make a booking. Читать полностью -->

Thanks to a new lover Madonna looks like a girl

Thanks to a new lover Madonna looks like a girlThe singer threw Jesus Luz for the 20-year-old dancer.Madonna, photographed last night leaving a London restaurant Locanda Locatelli, struck others with their unusual appearance.52-year-old singer was almost not wearing makeup and did her hair, more suitable for a young girl than a lady of her age. So, the singer has built on the head two tails are twisted into bundles. The paparazzi immediately dubbed a new hairstyle pop diva "pigtails".This image has made it's certainly younger, but the singer when it looked quite comical. This outfit artist was like several sizes bigger making her figure shapeless. The star was dressed in her favorite black color, diluting it a bright spot in the form of a colorful scarf.The Daily Mail suggests that young Madonna for her new boyfriend, dancer in her ballet Brahim of Shibata. For a guy who is just 20 years old, the actress threw her lover, 24-year-old Jesus Luz. Читать полностью -->

Today marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi

Today marks the birthday of Mahatma GandhiBorn Mohandas of Karamchand Gandhi is an Indian politician, leader of the nonviolent movement for independence from great Britain, founder and Chairman of the Indian national Congress party.On the morning of 30 January 1948 in new Delhi, when Mahatma Gandhi, as usual, came out on the front lawn, where he lived, and was going to give a lecture-sermon about the destructiveness of violence, the crowd jumped a young man with a revolver and killed him with three shots. So ended the life of the sincere in its intentions and policy actions of the past century, a man came from a very wealthy family and caste of merchants "Banya", but left after his death only a pair of sandals, sunglasses, a staff and a book.We habitually imagine its traditional look - dhoti (long loincloth), sandals, a staff, glasses, protruding ears and a gray mustache, but he was not always so. Early in his advocacy of Gandhi, according to contemporaries, wore European clothes with such grace and ease as if it was born. And always, whatever he did, everything seemed simple and natural.Now, years later, has settled passions that raged around the personality of this extraordinary man, whom Winston Churchill described as "rebellious fakir". They moved to a sustained interest in the deeds of a great Indian, to his intellectual and political heritage and role in the country's history. Even in the modern Indian political life against one or another party to the Mahatma Gandhi noticeable effect on the number of its supporters.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2 October (this day in India is now a national holiday) 1869 After high school, the question arose about further education. Читать полностью -->

`How to train your dragon` will be continued

`How to train your dragon` will be continuedA few months ago we reported that the Studio Dreamworks plans to make a sequel to the animated hit of 2010 "How to train your dragon". Today the company has officially confirmed its intentions.The representative of Dreamworks announced that the sequel will be released in 2013. To voicing their characters back Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Jonah hill, Craig Ferguson and Christopher Mintz-Plassche. In addition, the second part of the animation, like the original film, will be released in 3D.Recall that the story of a young Viking who defies the centuries-old tradition and befriends a dragon, has brought its creators about 500 million dollars. Source: "How to train your dragon" will be continued. . Читать полностью -->

Russia found out the name of the author of the best novel

Russia found out the name of the author of the best novelElena Kolyadin novel about love and sex "Floral cross" has been awarded a major literary prize in the country "Russian Booker 2010", which is awarded annually for the best novel.The jury noted the book for the juicy language and fantastic narration. Although the action takes place in the XVII century "Flower the cross" a lot of erotica. And the main heroine named Feodosia - a young girl from the town of Totma is a feminist."Floral cross" Elena Coliadinae was published in the journal "Russian literature" and immediately provoked a strong reaction from readers - some called him a genius, others another "seamy side". The novel is set in 1674. The main character works - 21-year-old cleric father loggin. The priest arrives in Totma with the intention to educate the flock, believing in goblins, Bannikov and other pagan superstitions. Читать полностью -->

Musical ZORRO will open 2011-the year of Spain in Russia

Musical ZORRO will open 2011-the year of Spain in RussiaDecember 29, ZORRO the musical will celebrate its y performance. The story of a noble Caballero entranced Moscow - statement is the unending sold out for 3 months, the MDM theatre was visited by more than 150,000 spectators, and the tickets were purchased a month in advance.In the coming year, interest in the formulation will increase tenfold because ZORRO the musical will be the first cultural event that marked the beginning of the year of the Spanish culture in Russia! Among the Russian stars, politicians and cultural figures lot of fans of Spain and flamenco - most of them have already visited the show and plan to see it again in the coming year.The musical troupe is getting ready to celebrate New year and Christmas in the theatre. Actors decorate their dressing rooms and already looking out for each other gifts. "The role of Louise, sweetheart ZORRO, was for me the most important event of the year, and I am very pleased that this gift will I be able to take with them in 2011," says Valeria Lanskaya. Relax in this vacation will not work - I together with my partners on the stage (Nonna Grishaeva, Anastasia Stotskaya Anastasia Makeeva) will almost daily busy in the musical, for the sake of it even had to change their vacation plans".In connection with the resounding success of the musical and the huge demand for tickets, the producers decided to increase the number of screenings in December and January at the theater MDM will be held 73 of the performance.Musical ZORRO can be seen in the MDM theatre any day from Tuesday to Sunday. During the holidays the number of performances increased by half. Читать полностью -->

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